Your privacy and its protection is very important and Gangster Paradise is committed to protecting it. The following policy shows how this is done.

What information does Gangster Paradise collect?

How does Gangster Paradise use my information?

Your email address is used for contacting you if a problem occurs with your account, verification purposes, and the occasional service announcement. Your date of birth is used for security purposes, you will be required to enter this if you wish to change your password at any point.

When do you share my information?

Your information is never shared or sold to ANY third parties. Gangster Paradise is not part of any money grabbing organisation. If we believe that your use of the site is unloving or damaging to others, we reserve the right to disclose the information we have obtained through the site about you to the extent that it is reasonably necessary in our opinion to prevent, remedy or take action in relation to such conduct.

How secure is the site? Is my account safe?

Thorough testing has been taken out on every page of Gangster Paradise as we are extremely security conscious. Any exploits that appear are fixed as soon as possible. Those involved with exploiting any problems found in the game and not reporting them are removed and banned from the site after receiving a severe beating. Any temporary problems caused by an exploit during its short lived life will be corrected so no one is at a disadvantage.